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The Avon Old Farms School is a preparatory school located on a large park-like tract of rural land in the southwestern section of Avon, Connecticut.  Thompson Road and Old Farms Road bisect the campus, and considerable potential for pedestrian accidents has emerged as the school develops lands on both sides of the roads. There has also been heavy residential development surrounding the school which has considerably increased traffic on the narrow roads.  To eliminate this safety problem, the school has agreed to donate lands along its perimeter on the condition that the Town reconstructs the two roads.  Town officials are also using this relocation project to develop a secondary east-west transportation corridor. At present, most traffic uses the over-capacity Route 44 corridor, which goes through Downtown Avon.

AvonThe relocation of Thompson Road through undeveloped wooded terrain required numerous engineering and environmental studies to determine the best possible alignment through this environmentally sensitive area.  Very steep hillside slopes adjacent to numerous wetlands characterize the new corridor.  The roadway will also cross the Farmington River floodplain and the historic path of the Farmington Canal.  

C&C has been working through a series of contracts, first to prepare a route location study, and later to develop preliminary plans and an Environmental Assessment for the project.  The project consists of the design of approximately 7,000 feet of Thompson Road, and 2,700 feet of Old Farms Road.  It will also include the re-design of several intersections with poor geometry.

Our proposed design has kept the roadway’s impact on the floodplain and wetlands to a minimum.  We have also carefully avoided historic resources associated with the Farmington Canal.  C&C is currently in the process of preparing the Environmental Assessment for this federally financed relocation project.          



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