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C&C Consulting Engineers was engaged as part of a multi-disciplinary design and construction engineering team in the reconstruction of the MBTA Green/Blue Line station at Boston’s Government Center. Our responsibility was for the design and coordination of utilities affected by the project. This work will ultimately result in significant health, safety, and handicapped accessibility improvements for the station.

Government CenterUtilities affected included drainage, sewer, water, electric, communications, and gas services. Each utility was initially evaluated relative to plans previously prepared by another design team. The project was then expanded to include procurement of more accurate location data for various underground lines and the refinement of the designs to respond to the additional location data.  The work also included designs for coordination of temporary services while the station is fitted with a temporary head house during construction as well as coordination of permanent services when improvements are complete.

The shallow depth to the roof of the station complicated the design of some of the utility connections. When considering the relocation of duct banks, our designers ran into problems maintaining depth of cover under the traveled way, clearances from other utility lines, and thickness of concrete encasement around the ducts. Careful consideration of the trade-offs between these attributes and thorough communication with the utility companies was essential to moving the project forward without delay. 

This project also required extensive coordination with the Boston Water and Sewer Commission in order to obtain approval for drainage modifications in conformance with the latest NPDES standards.



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