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C&C Consulting Engineers recently served on a team responsible for designing a system of new directional signs for the entire airport. This project included work on both the inside and the outside of all terminals and work areas. Our contribution was for the design of guide signs for all public ways beginning with the inner circulation system’s interface with Interstate-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) or State Route 1A and ending at the various terminal entrances. The work was accomplished in accordance with the Massachusetts Port Authority’s Signage Standards and Guidelines.

Logan signOur firm began by completing an inventory of all existing signs. This work involved field observations of sign location, size, type, message, condition, and presence of illumination. Numerous photographs were collected for the inventory. All data was electronically catalogued on inventory forms, and the locations were keyed to an overall facilities map.

We then completed the preliminary design of the new system. This involved preparation of a Circulation Analysis which identified traffic flow patterns and critical points where wayfinding decisions occur. Work progressed to cataloguing a new sign system and preparing text message mock-ups for the new signs. We prepared a detailed layout of the proposed new guide signs using the methodology stipulated in the Authority’s Signage Standards and Guidelines.

In addition, we provided design for the modification of existing signs and the installation of additional new signs to direct Logan patrons to a new “Cell Phone Waiting Lot”. This lot provides drivers who are picking up arrivals with a convenient place to wait until their passengers clear the baggage area and proceed to the terminal exits. It also helps to ease congestion and improve security at the terminal exits.  



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