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C&C Consulting Engineers staff recently served as team members for the complete inventory and inspection for all MBTA transit tunnels along the Green Line, Red Line, Blue Line, and Orange Line. Samples of the work include the Green Line tunnel from Park Street Station to the portal just north of North Station heading toward Science Park Station and the Red Line tunnels from Alewife Station in Cambridge to Ashmont Station in Dorchester. C&C later served as team leaders for the inspection as the services were needed. 

C&C completed standardized reporting forms for each segment of the Green Line.  Tunnel shape, size, and type of construction were noted during each segment of the inspection work.  Type of track and related items like track drains, manholes and catenary wire were also inventoried and reported.  Systems such as standpipes, hydrants, and communication were checked and inventoried. 

A tunnel inspection detail sheet was also completed for each inspection to detail exact location of possible future problem spots.  In addition, a structural rating was given to each section of tunnel.  All work was photo-documented and inserted into the completed report.



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