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C&C Consulting Engineers was selected as part of a multi-disciplinary team to perform civil and structural design services for the repair of tunnels within the MBTA’s Red Line.

C&C’s specific responsibilities include existing data and document collection, development of typical reference cross sections, civil and utility reference drawings, identification of existing utilities, and preparation of drawings for construction staging and lay down areas.

 We are responsible for preparing 60 tunnel existing cross sections reference drawings. We are also preparing 20 existing utility drawings as reference drawings in the Cambridge, Boston, and Ashmont areas. These drawings include “key plan” information at access points. C&C is also in the process of performing topographic and property line survey at each of these three locations of laydown/staging sites, assuming temporary but not permanent easements. 20 lay down and staging plans will be developed based upon the surveys.

C&C is also preparing civil and utility specifications and Quantity estimates.

Alewife Red Line Subway Station, Boston, Massachusetts  



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