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The objectives of this Massachusetts Water Resources Authority project were to retain design, construction administration, and resident inspection services for the rehabilitation of the Hultman Aqueduct and the interconnections between the MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel and the Hultman Aqueduct.

The MetroWest Tunnel, a 14-foot-diameter, concrete-lined, deep rock tunnel, was constructed in 2003 to provide redundancy for the reinforced concrete Hultman Aqueduct which was built in 1939. C&C Consulting Engineers was engaged as part of a multidisciplinary team to perform rehabilitation design and inspection services for these facilities. Rehabilitation of the Hultman Aqueduct required repair of the existing pipeline, air relief structures, and blow-off structures. Also included in the scope of work were the replacement of existing valves and the rehabilitation of the existing community connections in order to restore the entire aqueduct to a safe and efficient operation.

C&C performed a visual inspection of all existing facilities consisting of a pipe walk through all dewatered and accessible portions of the pipeline. We documented deficiencies and deterioration within the facilities and assessed existing surface conditions at each joint to determine its ability to accommodate internal pipe seals. We also oversaw the performance of several destructive and non-destructive tests and compiled a test report to document discontinuities and damage to the concrete inner and outer cores as well as delimitations between the concrete and steel liner. The report also included recommended repairs and the costs associated with them. 

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