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C&C recently completed traffic management plans for the restoration of the 2,500-foot-long suspension bridge connecting the island of Deer Isle with the mainland at Sedgewick, Maine.  The principal function of the plan was to allow the total replacement of the panelized deck of the bridge. One half of the bridge was closed to traffic while the other half was used for signal-controlled traffic movement. The lane closure was limited to 250 feet, and it was moved forward at frequent intervals to keep up with the pace of reconstruction.

In recognition of the frequency that the work zone would be relocated, we made all aspects of the lane closure as portable as possible.  For example, trailer-mounted traffic signal gear was used. We also custom designed a movable modular railing to separate the work zone from the traffic. Because of the very limited width of the bridge, we specified a “Massachusetts Rail”, a shape that has been crash-tested and approved by FHWA for regular bridge use. The railing was only 12 inches thick including our custom-designed mounting bases. The spacing of mounting hardware for the railing had to be carefully planned to avoid conflicting with the floor beams in the bridge.




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