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C&C was engaged by the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop repair designs at the US Army Soldier Systems Center (USASSC) in Natick, Massachusetts. This work was part of a larger Architect/Engineer IDIQ project with the Corps involving the rehabilitation of this facility as well as the VA Medical Centers in Bedford, MA, and Providence, RI.

Natick LabsThe USASSC is a 56-acre campus dedicated to performing research and product development for the US Army and other branches of the armed services. The site includes more than 30 buildings including various research, laboratory, and administrative facilities. The campus has a central steam heating plant that provides underground steam distribution to a limited number of buildings.

C&C’s responsibility involved two laboratory facilities within the campus. They were both built in 1954 and the high incidence of pipe leaks indicated that the piping had reached the end of its useful life. In response to the piping problems and the overall age and conditions of the buildings, C&C was asked to evaluate the heating system and HVAC system in each building and develop designs for repairs. Our analysis included air systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and the central cooling plant. Several system options were investigated for the improvement of these buildings including a Variable Air Volume System with Hot Water reheat, Variable Volume and Temperature System, Active Chilled Beams, Fan Coil Units located above the ceiling, and Water Source Heat Pumps.    

To improve the heating system, we evaluated the merits of repairs of the existing centralized system versus developing a new decentralized system. Our investigation included existing conditions of the current central plant and distributed boilers as well as alternatives for new underground distribution systems.

All work was completed within the proposed budget and schedule. The fee received for this work was approximately $250,000. Army Corps Project Manager Jack Perry referred to C&C as, “very responsive to meeting the needs of the customer”.



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